Built 50 years ago by the Vermilion Rangers and abandoned 48 years ago. Opened well, living space for twenty, holding cells for five. A male Golem morph lives here, blind and elderly.

Across the fort there are assorted ruined or damaged areas that could use patching. From holes in the walls and ceiling, to quality of life improvements, theres no shortage of work for craftsmen.

10/30 days of food
0/100 loot
0/100 building materials


Repair Walls – The walls are mostly intact, but need some TLC to ensure that nobody can sneak in unannounced.
 Needs: 10 building materials
Reinforce Gate – The gate can close, but it wont take much in the way of abuse before coming down.
 Needs: 10 building materials
Repair Housing – The living areas are… well, livable, but uncomfortable.
 Needs: 20 building materials



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